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        About DongAh

        Dong Ah Korea Plant is founded in 1971,celebrates its 40 years of excellence in the export field of automotive products.
        It's the larges inner tube supplier in Korea,Dong Ah brand is well known with top quality and good service in the world.
        In May,2004 the Qingdao China Tube Plant was established which is invested by Korea Dong Ah with 15millions U.S dollars,
        it is specialized in producing various sizes top quality butyl inner tubes and flaps.The whole equipments imported with original,
        advanced product lines,advanced testing equipments,advanced techniques,advanced management and strict control on quality all reached
        the international advanced level,they bring the top quality on the air tightness,tear resistance,aging and heat resistance of the products.
        Dong ah tubes are exported to more than 150 countries and matched to many famous tire factories.

        DongAh History